The danger of excess


Sometimes a gentle little family dog can turn into a dangerous biter, or a dog with no hang-ups whatsoever can end up afraid of its own shadow. Often this is the fault of owners who do not allow their dog to develop in accordance with its nature.

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Lack of socialisation

Sometimes, a puppy may not develop its senses properly in the first weeks of life, due to a lack of stimuli or being separated too early from its mother. This could result in the puppy being unable to function properly in the company of other dogs.

The instinctive reaction can sometimes be to overprotect the puppy in this case, as part of a misplaced desire to safeguard it from greater trauma.

If they are to be good companions dogs need to get used to noise and contacts with other dogs. Just because the puppy is small does not mean it should be kept away from bigger dogs for fear of it being put in harm’s way. It needs to learn to behave like a dog so it should encounter all different breeds and sizes. Otherwise it will turn into a frightened little dog that jumps into its owners’arms every time it comes across something bigger than it is.

The fewer dogs it encounters, the more fearful – and the more aggressive – it will become. A small dog will feel that it is constantly open to attack and, in response, it will develop an aggressive strategy itself.


The fewer dogs it encounters, the more fearful – and the more aggressive – it will become.


Lack of understanding

Not being humans, dogs do not employ the same language code as we do, although humans have been known to growl when irritated!

With this in mind, we have to try to understand their language and not end up driving them into a corner until they finally snap. It can be especially difficult for children to understand that dogs need peace and quiet sometimes and that trying to dress the family dog up like a princess when it is relaxing in its basket is not the best idea anyone ever had. A bite is a logical way for the dog to react in a situation like this, but the consequences can be devastating, including abandonment or even euthanasia.

Lack of education


It is sometimes thought that small dogs are no threat whatsoever. They are not very imposing, after all, and they have small teeth compared with bigger dogs. People somehow feel they don’t need quite such firm training. In fact all dogs, regardless of how small they are or what purpose they will fulfil, need to be trained to live in harmony with their owner and not cause any problems when they leave the home or when people visit.

Slowly but surely, the little bundle of joy that everyone used to adore turns into a tyrant that will not allow its owners to go into their own bedroom or sit on their sofa to watch TV and jumps at anyone who dares go anywhere near its bowl. This type of problem is caused by a failure to teach the dog its proper place from day one. It is treated like a child, as if it has the same needs as a human, and ends up ruling the roost. As a result of all these mistakes the dog becomes a danger to others.

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The danger of excess
    The danger of excess

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