Only lacking the power of speech…


At some stage, everyone must have said this about their dog, confident that it is able to understand everything they say. However, when it comes to canine intelligence, it is important not to anthropomorphise.

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Dogs have been shown to possess both logical and verbal intelligence. Since Rico, a German Border Collie who looked for objects in order, scientists have been able to prove that a dog can remember up to 200 words. The breeds have even been ranked by intelligence. The Border Collie claimed first place, whereas the Afghan Hound was in 79th and last place. This ranking is first and foremost based on working aptitudes and the capacity for becoming good working dogs. When all is said and done, however, dogs do not have the intellectual capacities of humans and it is much more than the power of speech that separates the two species. The relationship between the dog and its owner continues to be an essential factor in its capacity to memorise commands, but all told a dog is a dog and not a small human.

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