Each breed has specific nutritional requirements







Each breed has specific nutritional requirements

 Each breed is the fruit of aunique combination of size, coat, morphology, behaviour…and these differences mean thateach breed has specific nutritional requirements.

  • The Yorkshire’s very fine, silky andconstantly growing coat demands high quality fatty acids to improve coatquality along with proteins rich in sulphur amino acids to boost keratinsynthesis and hair growth.
  • The FrenchBulldog’svery specific brachycephalic jaw demands kibbles of a size and shape designedto facilitate grasping and encourage crunching to contribute to good oralhygiene.
  • Labradors, often prone to weight gain,need a light caloric formula that reduces the feeling of hunger and kibblesshaped to increase the volume of their meal.
  • Powerful, muscular dogs such as German Shepherds really put pressure on theirjoints and require a diet that is rich in protective nutrients.

Each age hasits own nutritional requirements

The needs of a puppy are different fromthose of an adult :

  • Young dogs still have ahighly sensitivedigestive system; their digestive abilities develop slowly: certainmoderately assimilated nutrients, such as starch, must be limited and theaccent placed on highly digestible proteins that help support optimal digestionand the efficient mobilisation of nutrients.
  • The puppy’s immune system gains benefit from thecontribution of antioxidants (taurine, lutein, vitamins C and E),manno-oligo-saccha­rides that help support defences in the gut and omega 3 and6 essential fatty acids.





One breed + One age = One specific diet !

For 44 years, Royal Caninnutritionists and veterinarians have been working closely with breeders whohave perfect knowledge of their pure breed dogs. Like them, Royal Canin has chosen the courseof knowledge and respect, marked by nutritional precision.

With unique shapes, texturesand sizes, BreedHealth Nutrition kibbles by Royal Canin are much more than just nutrient containers.Their tailored formulation meets the specific nutritional requirements of each breed.

Building on its expertise in canine health nutrition, RoyalCanin has developed the Breed Health Nutrition range to cover the adult andjunior nutritional requi­rements of 22 breeds. Each one now has its tailor-madenutritional solution.
Available exclusively in specialised outlets and gardencentres.

Owners of Pure Breed Dogs can call their Customer Servicedepartment for more information and personalised advice :