Dogs are hierarchical social animals

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Duhayer - Royal Canin

Dogs live in a hierarchical social group and hunt in packs. The dominant animals eat first, in full view of the others, taking the best bits and eating as much as they want. The subordinate individuals eat last and have to make do with whatever is left. This feeding hierarchy is established in a litter during weaning, before the puppy is adopted.

Feeding behaviour is a strong hierarchical signal that the owner must take advantage of to impose food on the dog without it ending up starving itself. This social aspect is also used to promote feeding by hand in ill dogs with little appetite.

Prey only turns up once in a while in nature, so it is normal for dogs to consume a large quantity of food in one go and then not eat for several days. As a result of this, dogs are sometimes called greedy.

They also adapt to different types of food, which has earned them the label “opportunistic”, because they will eat anything they find or are given.

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Dogs are hierarchical social animals
    Dogs are hierarchical social animals

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