Prepared complete or home-prepared food? Which is best?

Duhayer - Royal Canin

Since they first appeared on the market, prepared complete pet foods have often been contrasted with home-prepared foods, sometimes dividing owners and canine health professionals. The advocates of one are often the critics of the other. But the important thing is not where the food comes from, but whether it covers all the dog’s nutritional requirements. When it comes to food and diet, nutrients are the only things that count. Today’s food manufacturers work with research centres and universities to produce complete foods adapted not only to the species, but also the size and physiological condition of the dog, as well as the diseases it may suffer from. Home-prepared food can also be of excellent quality provided strict hygiene rules are followed. What should not be forgotten, however, is that a complete food must provide all of the fifty or so nutrients dogs need – all in the right proportions. Here, we examine the two forms in detail, noting the pros and cons of both.