A sport for fun: flyball


Flyball is a great way for owners to have fun with their dog while ensuring it gets lots of exercise. It works in a similar way to disc dog sports.

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The game is played on two parallel courses by two teams of four dogs or more. Each team must comprise at least two different breeds of dog. The course is made up of four hurdles, which have to be cleared as fast as possible. The height of the hurdles is tailored to the size of the smallest dog in the team. At the far end of the course the dog has to operate a spring-loaded pad, which releases a tennis ball around 60 centimetres into the air. The dog has to catch the ball and bring it back to the start. The second dog then does the same. The best dogs can complete the course in less than 20 seconds. The team that completes the relay in the fastest time wins.

This sport is open to all dogs and humans, including less sprightly people, as the dog is the one that actually runs the course. It is a simple sport that requires little training, because the dog is motivated by its desire to play with the ball.

Flyball can be practiced as a simple leisure pursuit or as fully regulated competitive sport. Dogs younger than 18 months, females on heat, dogs with injuries or in rehab and aggressive dogs are not well suited to tournament flyball.

Flyball is a fun and motivating sport for dogs and humans which helps dogs expend their energy in an enjoyable way.

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A sport for fun: flyball
    A sport for fun: flyball

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