Dog pulling


The International Weight Pull Association was founded in 1984. It approves competitions open to all dogs including purebreds and mongrels. Dog pulling is especially popular in some parts of the United States.

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As the name suggests, dogs have to pull loads of increasing heaviness over a short distance (16 ft) in 45 seconds. Noteworthy competitors include a Malamute which pulled a load of 1497 kg (3300 lbs) over a concrete surface and an Irish Wolfhound which pulled 1293 kg (2850 lbs) over snow. Events are held on all types of surface.

Dog pulling demands some special equipment. The harness is specially designed to distribute the strain over a large area of the dog’s chest. Its diagonal shape and tension rails, which continue along the body of the dog to the tail, reduce the risk of injury. The padded V collar maintains the tension downwards, ensuring the dog’s breathing is not encumbered by pressure on the throat.

The best participants are sled dogs and molosser-types, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, which are particularly good at pulling heavy loads due to their powerful muscles.

Dog pulling is mostly practised in the United States and Canada.

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Dog pulling
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