Extraordinary tales

You just have to switch on the TV or go online to find the most incredible stories, illustrating just how devoted dogs can be to their human companions. They are seemingly prepared to do anything within their power to help them.

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In 1994, a six-month old German Shepherd called Nellie from Vienna, Ontario walked two miles to the nearest neighbour to fetch help for her 78-year owner, who was badly injured in a tractor accident. Nellie’s efforts saved the man’s life.

In Scottdale, Arizona, an 18-month old German Shepherd called the emergency services in 2008 after its owner had a seizure. After similar seizures in the past, the owner had trained the dog to call 911 by pushing the buttons on the phone with its teeth and whimpering when the operator answered.

The winner of the 2009 PDSA Gold Medal, which honours the exceptional bravery and devotion to duty of dogs in the UK, was a Jack Russell Terrier called George, which was killed while protecting a group of children from a pair of attacking Pit Bull Terriers.


Dogs can cover hundreds of kilometres to find their owner or look for help.


These are just three of the numerous stories of dogs that have saved their human companions from danger, showing once again just how naturally devoted dogs are to their owners.

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