The 357th FCI breed: South-Eastern European Shepherd

This big, powerful mountain dog has a similar morphology to such breeds as the Great Pyrenees and some shepherd dogs from the east used for guarding and protecting herds. After the recent recognition of related breeds such as the Romanian Miortic Shepherd Dog, the South-Eastern European Shepherd is a newcomer to the FCI. This native to Romania is one of the big breeds, with males growing to over 30 inches (almost 80cm) at the withers.

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King of the mountains

Provisionally placed in FCI group 2, the Bucovina is a big, powerful dog with marked differences between the sexes.

This breed, which forms a close bond with its handlers, can be used to guard and protect anything it is entrusted with. Its balanced character, loyalty and highly developed protective instinct are fundamental traits of all South-Eastern European Shepherds.

The head, expression, ear carriage, stop and eyes are very typical of the breed.

While a South-Eastern European Shepherd must be physically powerful, this should not be the be all and end all, as it does have to perform its duties pain-free and without tiring itself out without reason.

The Bucovina generally moves in a supple trot, without apparent effort. This hardy dog is able to cover long distances, without expending too much energy. The hair is especially abundant, except on the head, where it is short. The coat comes in a variety of colours, which is becoming of the breed and a great delight to potential buyers when they are choosing a puppy. Don’t all rush at once, though, because the South-Eastern European Shepherd is virtually unknown outside its native country.

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Native country Romania

Name South-Eastern European Shepherd

Other names Bucovina, Dulau, Capau

Purpose Shepherd dog

Classification Group 2 Molossoid breeds, Mountain type

Native region Bucovina in northern Romania in the midst of the Carpathians

First standard Published in 1982

Current standard 2002 version submitted to the FCI for provisional recognition

Character This brave, imposing protection dog is not afraid to stand up to such predators as bears and wolves to keep its herd safe.

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