Guard dogs

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (United States): Bred from English Bulldogs by the Lane family in Georgia, measuring 20-24¾ inches (51-63cm) and weighing 50¾-88 lbs (23-40kg). Solid head, prominent eyes, pronounced stop. Short hair in various colours. Also a companion dog.

Boerboel (South Africa): A big, powerful dog bred from imported Boxers, Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs. Boerboels arrived in the Netherlands in 1994. They can measure up to 27½ inches (70cm) and weigh 132¼-154¼ lbs (60-70kg). Broad head, flat skull, strong jaws, drop ears, short hair. Docked tail. Brindle, yellow, grey, red-brown, brown. Protection dog.

Bull Boxer (United Kingdom): A very recent cross between Boxer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Measuring 16-20¾ inches (41-53cm) and weighing 37½-53 lbs (17-24kg), the Bull Boxer has a powerful body, drop ears and a coat of close-cropped hair in various colours. Also a friendly companion.

Moscow Watchdog (Russia): Very similar to its main ancestor the St Bernard in terms of coat and morphology, but distinguished by its even temper, which it owes to crosses with Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

King Shepherd (United States): Bred from non-standard German Shepherd – which you can see just from looking at it – crossed with other sheepdogs. Its height, weight and other general characteristics are diverging from those of its European cousin all the time.

Tibetan Kyi Apso: The ancestors of this very ancient dog protected the encampments and flocks of Tibetan nomads. Measuring 24¾-28 inches (63-71cm) and weighing 70½-90½ lbs (32-41kg). The hair is long and the tail is curved and well feathered.

Old English Bulldog (États-Unis) : This breed was created in the 20th century by crossing English Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs and American Pitbull Terriers. Measuring 20-25¼ inches (51-64cm) and weighing 64-105¾ lbs (29-48kg). Solid head, powerfully built, mastiff-type body, rose ears, close-haired coat in various colours. Brave, determined, sometimes aggressive.

Sanshu (Japan): Created at the beginning of the 20th century in a cross between the Chow-Chow and the old Japanese Aichi. Weighing 44-55 lbs (20-25kg) and measuring 17¾-21½ inches (45-55cm). Robust, short-coupled body, broad head with almond eyes and straight ears. Curved tail. Stiff, harsh, medium-length hair, in the colours rust, black and tan, light brown, salt and pepper, white and more. A brave and hardy guard dog and an affectionate companion.

Valley Bulldog (Canada): Said to be created by crossing Boxers and English Bulldogs in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia in the 1950s. All colours are accepted. The most common are white, fawn and brindle.

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